Month: October 2021

5 Stunning Outfits to Make Your First Date Successful

Fashion is everyone’s weak-point. We love wearing beautiful clothes, accessories and shoes. Being beautiful and look impressive is not a new desire. We have had it in our ancestors. The prepares special offers such as The Outnet coupon to bring this desire to reality. Fashion stores and designers are contributing towards multidirectional progress of designs and styles. Girls preparing for a date in the cool season should learn about the significance of sexy apparels. Your apparels speak about the things present in your heart and mind. Let’s the men judge your emotions and feelings with the way you dress for a date. 

Will it Work?

Absolutely, it will work. We understand that our clothes and apparels make us beautiful and stunning. A man coming to see you first time should not leave without a positive smile on his face. This is time to admit the role of fashion and … Read More

Rosiane Maia Shares What It Take to Succeed Against All Odds

By Story Console

Rosiane Maia (ascend 47)

Rosiane Maia is a prominent fashion model and a certified kinesiologist living her dream. She has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. A young, ambitious model, Rosiane has a relentless passion for learning and growing from her life experiences. She believes that life experiences offer the best lessons to build a strong foundation for success. Having learned most of the photography industry through her father, Rosiane desires to use her experiences and achievements to motivate others to chase their dreams.

Rosiane uses her bumpy journey to success as motivation to encourage others. She has faced numerous challenges and obstacles while trying to build her career. She argues that many people in the industry and society at large tend to judge women based on their looks. This stereotyping mentality overshadows the women’s mental beauty and skills. A determined and focused lady, Rosiane worked hard to be respected for

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Tracy Philips show you how easy and fun it is to live a sustainable fashion life

(PHOTO: Tracy Philips)

(PHOTO: Tracy Philips)

By: Susanah Cheok

SINGAPORE – A predilection for vintage styles initiated Tracy Phillips into the world of sustainable fashion. Admittedly, as a teenager, she loved and bought vintage because she liked the looks of eras past, and because she could afford them, not because she wanted to be green or practise circular fashion. Inevitably though, those early years of buying vintage eventually sharpened in her a keen sense for living a sustainable lifestyle.

Says the director of PPURPOSE, a company that creates culturally-evolved programming for brands, spaces, and people through cause marketing, social outreach and content curation, “I’ve loved vintage and shopped second-hand since my teens, though honestly, it was less about sustainability then and more because I just love styles from past eras and it was what I could afford. But that induction into fashion meant that I’ve never needed things to be brand new

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Janie And Jack x Harlem’s Fashion Row Fall 2021 Line Is So Fun

The children’s clothing company Janie and Jack has evolved a bit over the last few years, and has become an iconic brand in the word of kids’ fashion. After recently collaborating with Harlem’s Fashion Row, the premier agency that creates a bridge between brands and designers of color in fashion founded by Brandice Daniel, and American Girl for a fashion show and collection celebrating American Girl’s new World By Us line, Janie and Jack has launched another new collection.

Their second collection in collaboration with Harlem’s Fashion Row celebrates tween style, ranging in sizes from 4 to 16. The Fall 2021 looks come in bright color palettes and bold prints, designed under the leadership of Kimberly Goldson — a Project Runway alum — and Richfresh — a tailor to the stars. The brand’s recent new collections have really encouraged mixing and matching, giving kids the confidence and

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