Rosiane Maia Shares What It Take to Succeed Against All Odds

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Rosiane Maia (ascend 47)

Rosiane Maia is a prominent fashion model and a certified kinesiologist living her dream. She has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. A young, ambitious model, Rosiane has a relentless passion for learning and growing from her life experiences. She believes that life experiences offer the best lessons to build a strong foundation for success. Having learned most of the photography industry through her father, Rosiane desires to use her experiences and achievements to motivate others to chase their dreams.

Rosiane uses her bumpy journey to success as motivation to encourage others. She has faced numerous challenges and obstacles while trying to build her career. She argues that many people in the industry and society at large tend to judge women based on their looks. This stereotyping mentality overshadows the women’s mental beauty and skills. A determined and focused lady, Rosiane worked hard to be respected for her abilities and skills and not just her beauty. To strengthen her education, she enrolled in the health-related profession that supports her character as a woman and human being.

A successful model, Rosiane believes she can be an advocate for change in the way women are portrayed through her career. Modeling and photography capture more than what meets the eye. It’s her dream to use photography and tell her story through pictures to impact society. To her, it’s all about bringing different perspectives and points of view with every moment she captures on film. Her goal is to touch and impact as many lives as possible by supporting children in need, especially girls.

She believes that everyone can achieve what they have set their minds to do. It can be a tough and challenging journey, but you need to appreciate that nothing comes easy in life. The key is to maintain focus and determination to realize your goals. There will always be new challenges every day, including more struggles. However, if you want to achieve more in life, you must be ready to face and learn from the challenges as you go through them. Rosiane holds that everything in life happens for a reason, so don’t take anything for granted; every effort and action serves as a stepping stone to achieving success.

More significantly, surround yourself with positive people who motivate you to push your limits. Always endeavor to love your family above everything else. She believes that family and friends are the only people who will support and stand by you. They also have the best intentions for you and this loving system will sustain you in life. For instance, Rosiane testifies that it wouldn’t have been possible for her to achieve everything else she has if not for her family’s overwhelming support.

A selfless and big-hearted individual, Rosiane aspires to continue being a source of inspiration to millions across the world. She wants to inspire others to go after their dreams. It’s also her goal to scale her brand to new and higher heights in the coming days and years.

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