Should You Make Your Dog Wear Clothes?

Dogs may be our babies but they do not need to wear clothes at all times like we humans do. However, there are many pets who are dressed up throughout the year, regardless of the weather. This might cause a lot of discomfort to the pet because he or she is used to be in his/her natural state, just like nature meant them to be. Another thing to be kept in mind is that dogs don’t feel as cold as we do. So instead of opting for heavy clothes which are hard to wrap around and get off every time, pet parents should opt for light-weight and comfortable clothes.

Few things to be kept in mind while considering dog clothing for your pet are as follows:

  • Is it safe for your dog?
  • Will it get tangled?
  • Will your dog keep it on or just ingest all of it?
  • Is the material non-toxic?

All the things written above are to be considered very carefully for the safety and comfort of your dog. If your dog has the habit of running away often or jumping over the fence, then you need to consider dressing him/her up only on certain times of the year. Just imagine your dog getting tangled in his/her own clothes while trying to jump over the backyard fence!

Each and every dog has its own needs. A very young puppy is more susceptible to very hot or very cold temperatures. A senior dog, on the other hand needs something warm to cover himself or herself at all times. If your dog is suffering from arthritis then special care must be taken while buying clothes for him or her. Anything you buy should be very easy to manage and should not make it difficult for your dog to go up and down the stairs. A dog which has very little hair, on the other hand, needs to wear warm clothes in cold climates.

While taking out your dog on walks during winter, dressing him or her in a fleece jacket is a very good idea. They are not heavy and are very comfortable. Dogs like to explore their surroundings once they are out so it is very important to ensure that he or she is easily able to move around. Dog clothes are not simply meant for the fun of dressing up your pet, but are necessary at times.

Things to keep in mind while buying dog clothes online:

  • The right fit
  • The right material
  • Water proof and light-weight

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