Breathtaking Moments from Spring/Summer 2021 Haute Couture Fashion Week

Each year, the couture collections from the great European fashion houses provide us with hand-crafted confections that elevate the aesthetic bar from just your every day apparel to something truly transcendental. This season is no exception, though perhaps the exalted collections from the premiere fashion houses are inhabiting a new space in our minds—in the hardest of times, they have bestowed upon us the gift of visual escape; a chance to lose ourselves for a moment in a fashion fantasy, when many of our real lives have centered in recent months on sweatpants.

The week got off to smashing start with Schiaparelli by Daniel Roseberry, presenting a collection of surrealist infused garments woven with golden threads, echoing visuals from the early 20th century art movements. Then, at Christian Dior, the gilded age continued, though with a different historical reference: this time it was the zodiac and tarot, woven into exquisite

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17 Iconic Fashion Moments in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Do you think they have a MET Gala in Middle-earth? If they don’t, they should. As a fantasy writer, I believe no fantasy world is fully realized without fashion. Fashion, though often considered to be nothing more than frivolity, is as integral to a world’s rendering as its resources, its struggles, its power structures, and its art. In fact, fashion is the instrument by which all of these are often expressed. It can be frivolity, yes, but often it’s everything else as well.

This is why I’ve compiled my list of the seventeen most iconic fashion moments across science fiction and fantasy. Let’s get into it, shall we?


Janelle Monáe in Dirty Computer

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae

Screenshot: Janelle Moane / Wondaland

If you want to fight me for including Dirty Computer on a sci-fi/fantasy list, let’s rumble. Janelle Monáe can be on any iconic fashion list she wants because she creates in

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7 Major Fashion Moments From Beyonce’s New “Black is King”

The build up to Beyonce’s new “Black is King” visual album has been immense. Now that it’s finally here, fans and critics will no doubt dissect every moment of the 1-hour, 25-minute film, which is inspired by last year’s “Lion King: The Gift” (the star also curated that film’s soundtrack album).

There is plenty to analyze when it comes to the overall message — especially at a time when Black identity is at the forefront of the collective mindset. That can also be said of the film’s fashion. The industry is having its own reckoning with racism, both in the past few months and in past years, from Gucci’s and Prada’s blackface missteps in 2019 to the ongoing lack of diversity in the upper echelons of corporate structures.

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“Black is King” does not address or criticize these issues head-on. Instead, it is a bounty

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