how Versace celebrated women of all sizes at Milan Fashion Week

Versace spring/ summer 2021
Versace spring/ summer 2021

It can feel as if we’re living through some kind of Greek myth these days. We may not be at Atlantis-levels of destruction just yet but if you’re feeling bleak, then Donatella Versace has some good news. Like many other designers in Milan this week, Versace, the high priestess of opulent glamour, dialled-up, rather than dialled-down the house look.

In a digital-only show, we saw ancient, broken columns and Medusa heads in an underwater world, quiet and abandoned. Then in marched Versace’s troop of sleek, modern mermaids, in strong dark tailoring at first, soon evolving into an uplifting spectrum of colour and decoration. This was Versaceopolis; ‘a utopian settlement created on the seabed and populated by strong and confident men and women.’  Medusa, whose image Gianni Versace chose as the logo for his brand, ‘reigns there with courage and strength.’

 Versace Spring/Summer 2021 - Reuters
Versace Spring/Summer 2021 – Reuters


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London Fashion Week Ones to Watch

LONDON — London Fashion Week kicks off today with a hybrid format. A batch of new talents from around the world has also joined the fashion week, despite challenges posed by the pandemic, to present their latest creations in London. Here, WWD highlights three emerging designers to watch for this season.

Susan Fang

A finalist for the LVMH Prize, Susan Fang’s beaded marble bags are one of the hottest accessories at the moment. Based between London and Shanghai, the brand has built up good momentum in China, and this season, she is joining London Fashion Week’s official calendar for the first time to present her colorful and airy spring 2021 collection with a short filmed in Shanghai, just a few days ahead of London Fashion Week.

Fang said she wanted to bring hope and the feeling of rebirth with her collection, as the pandemic has totally changed the way

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Jason Wu Reveals the Inspiration Behind His “Tropical Paradise” Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

Jason Wu‘s New York Fashion Week show provided a sweet escape from life in the COVID era.

Forget staring at the same wall for another day and turn your eyes to Jason’s spring 2021 runway show set on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico! Or at least pretend that’s the case.

In reality, Jason Wu, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and IGM were able to create a tropical oasis on the rooftop of one of New York City’s high rise buildings. All it took to bring Jason’s vision to life was an array of palm trees, a boardwalk and 12,000 pounds of sand, which was all well-worth it for the designer.

In an exclusive interview with E! News’ fashion expert, Zanna Rossi, Jason said that ahead of the show he told all the models, “‘I want you to forget that we have all these problems—we’re in a

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This Mother-Daughter Duo Are Bringing Change to New York Fashion Week

District of Fashion
District of Fashion

As she was putting together her portfolio collection during her last year as a fashion student at Parsons School of Design, Najla A. Burt called her mother for help. She needed to come up with a name for her clothing line. 

“We had a conversation around why she should not make her label her name,” Cynthia Burt, Najla’s mother, recalled in an interview with The Daily Beast. “We talked through the legal thing of not making your name the brand, because there are so many avenues for people to sue you personally. But beyond that, Najla said, ‘We’re not going to say or make anything public about the fact that we’re Black.’”

Sure enough, social media posts from the brands early days show off the clothes, not the women behind them. “If you go back and look, you won’t see any pictures of us,” Cynthia said. “We

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