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Telia Norway names iPhone 14 Pro Max as most popular smartphone in  September - Telecompaper

Owning mobile phones has become a necessity in today’s time. Statistics show that 90.2% of the world’s population owns mobile phones. No matter where you are around the globe, having a  mobile phone is indispensable. Likewise, the situation is no different in Norway, where the vast majority own mobile or smartphones, amounting to 96% of the people. Let’s now have a look at the ones which are most popular among the Norwegian people:

  1. iPhones 

It is evident that among mobile companies, Apple holds the smartphone market in Norway. Figures show that  65% of its citizens use iPhones or iOS. The iPhone has attracted users worldwide, and it is no surprise that it is the most used phone in Norway. However, this percentage exceeds that of other countries, most prominently the US or UK.

Many people find iOS more user-friendly and associate a class symbol with owning an iPhone. These reasons are common to iPhone users everywhere. 

Because everyone prefers iPhones, you should get your hands on one too. If you want to buy an iPhone in Norway, you can do so in-store or online. The Price ranges are available on many websites for you to decide which suits you the best. 

  1. Samsung Galaxies

Among the 35% of Android users in Norway, Samsung phones dominate by 22%. Being the second most popular, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G and Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4 top the list. Samsung is the primary competitor of Apple. This phone does not need an extensive description to justify its popularity, as the name is enough of a guarantee. 

  1. Huawei  

These phones make up 3% of the most used mobiles in Norway, with the Huawei P50 Pro at the top position. This Phone is a good value for money and contains commendable features, including good camera quality,  a wide display, and fast charging. When it comes to gaming in Norway, this phone is an ideal purchase due to the availability.

  1. Xiaomi 

Xiaomi 11T Pro is another recommendation. Containing all the essential features in an affordable price range, it has an impressive look of a sleek smartphone with a glass body. Xiaomi also supports all telecom companies in Norway so that you can stay connected and easily call or use data.

  1. Realme

Lastly, one must recognize the phone lineup of Realme. The phones released by this company have a high demand in the market. The cost appeals to the general public, and so do its specifications.


The factors that make certain mobile phones favorable above others are common in all countries and people.  Every customer looks for different details while buying a smartphone. The goal is to opt for the one which caters to your needs while using phones, and researching the ones you should consider buying in a different country is a smart move. The next thing you should get information on is telecom companies in Norway to ensure that you get the optimized experience of using a mobile device in Norway.

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