Day: October 31, 2021

How To Wear Spooky Fashion, According To Sonia Lazo

Instagram’s best-dressed have one thing in common: they each have a signature style item that they wear more often and better than anyone else. For one person, it could be a string bikini, worn on and off the beach. For another, it’s a standout hat or expertly layered jewellery. Whatever the piece may be, it’s their thing. With our column My Thing, we’re talking with those same experts about that one specific item they have made into their signature — and style unlike anyone else.
Every year, come October, we embrace our wardrobe’s darker side. Leading up to Halloween, bikinis turn into turtlenecks, breezy colours are swapped for moodier hues, and our internal desire to channel Morticia Addams is intensified. But while this is a seasonal phenomenon for many, others, like the 30-year-old Berlin-based illustrator-designer Sonia Lazo, live the witchy fashion life year-round. 
“I’ve always been into spooky fashion,”
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