Day: April 21, 2021

DJ Khaled Wants You To Be Beautiful

Yeah, I love the Air Jordan 3.

How big would you say your collection of Jordans is?

Probably one of the biggest.

In the world?


Did I also see that you got a Jet Ski customized to match an identical outfit you and Asahd both wore?

All my Jet Skis are custom, and we had some clothes made exactly like one. My Jet Skis stand out—that’s Khaled coming through. It represents light and love.

Let’s talk about grooming: Do you have a regimen? 

Oh, yeah, and I want you to make sure you let them know this in this article, because it’s key. I’m born with a glow, but I also use Fenty Skin. I love Rihanna, and I know she knows the best, and I know she knows the right ingredients. People always ask me how I got my glow, and I say God and Fenty Skin.

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