Day: April 11, 2021

Life Well Lived: Eugene and Alice Banaszak

After a childhood, an adolescence and adulthood together, Eugene and Alice Banaszak passed within a few days of each other at the beginning of March.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — “They grew up next door to each other on Rother Avenue, which is in old Polonia — the Broadway Fillmore area,” said Geno Banaszak.

Geno Banaszak tells the story of how his mom and dad, Eugene Banaszak and Alice Schultz, met and began their long life together.

“My father and my mother knew each other from the time they were probably toddlers,” Geno Banaszak said. “They interacted as friends, best friends, and eventually a relationship developed that became very solid and very firm.”

They eventually married and started their respective careers.

“My mom started working right after high school with the Bell Telephone company as an operator,” Geno Banaszak said. “Within a year of my father graduating from Emerson Vocational, he got

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