Diamond Jewellery – A Brief History

There’s hardly anyone we know that doesn’t own a piece of diamond jewellery. Have you ever wondered about their history? We’ve chronicled their entire history for you to read! Diamonds came into existence long before the dinosaurs roamed the planet. Diamond derives its name from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which […]

Rado Watches for Your Individual Personality

Rado watches always maintain a high demand in the fashion world for offering pristine timepieces for the generation. Since its inception, the brand has come up with innovations that enrich the Swiss timekeeping and extend the boundary of designing watches. The popularity of the brand led it to establish its […]

Why Women Prefer Fashion Jewellery More

Jewelry is an essential part of a woman, without it they don’t feel complete. A woman looks much prettier with jewelry. Women buy jewelry for every new occasion which matches their new outfits. Diamond, gold, platinum and other delicate stones no doubt look stunning. But buying a new diamond or […]

Man Made Diamonds – Myths Vs Reality, 2009

Real lab-grown diamonds have constantly offered the tantalizing prospect of making the beauty of true, real diamond affordable to jewelry lovers around the world. Unfortunately there is still a large gap between typical media articles and the reality of what diamond growing labs can actually grow as of November 2009. […]