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Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? The downfall of a favourite daughter

Ghislaine Maxwell, on her father's yacht the Lady Ghislaine, circa 2000

Ghislaine Maxwell, on her father’s yacht the Lady Ghislaine, circa 2000

She was the toast of high society in London and New York. Now Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of grooming and trafficking underage girls. After learning to serve her crooked father’s whims, she then did the same for another tyrant, Jeffrey Epstein.

Short presentational grey line

Short presentational grey line

Ghislaine Maxwell was born on Christmas Day 1961. Three days later, a car carrying her 15-year-old brother Michael crashed into a lorry along a foggy Oxfordshire road. Michael Maxwell would spend the remaining seven years of his life in a coma.

Although she had been born into material abundance – her father was the publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell – by every account, Ghislaine Maxwell’s earliest years were disfigured by emotional neglect. Betty, her mother, later admitted in her memoir that after Michael’s accident the baby “was hardly given a glance” by her devastated

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Emily In Paris Season 2 Makes Fun Of Its Ridiculous Fashion

There’s a lot to joke about when it comes to Emily In Paris, but the series takes it a step farther, acknowledging Emily’s ridiculous fashion sense.

Caution: Minor spoilers ahead for Emily in Paris season 2

In Emily In Paris season 2, the show makes fun of Emily Cooper’s sometimes ridiculous fashion choices. After debuting in October 2020, audiences found plenty to make fun of about Emily In Paris and its titular character, played by Lily Collins, from her ability to make friends on every corner, to her general obliviousness to obvious social cues. This turned the show into a fan-favorite hate-watch, and many feared that Emily In Paris season 2 could make the same mistakes as its first season.

Emily In Paris season 2 picks up directly after the events of season 1, with Emily still torn over her one-night fling with Gabriel after he decides to stay in

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10 Movie Villains Who Fell To Their Deaths In Dramatic Fashion

Content Warning: This article contains references/images of graphic violence

Movie villains tend to be over-the-top, on purpose, for the sake of creating tension, drama, and excitement. They tend to be charismatic and fascinating, no matter how awful their behavior is, and the only thing better is watching how they meet their maker at the hands of the hero in the film’s climax.

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Many of these villains plunge to their deaths with varying degrees of dramatic flair, and they’ve been immortalized on screen in some of the most re-watched movie scenes in history. It’s not enough for a villain to fall, either. They’ve got to give it that extra-special level of dramatic impact before the actual impact occurs.

10 Saruman (Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King)

Saruman falls to his death in Lord of the Rings

This dramatic death can only be viewed via the Extended Edition version of

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Drake Gets ‘Microrealism’ Tattoo Honoring Virgil Abloh: Pic

Drake Gets Ultra-Detailed ‘Microrealism’ Tattoo Honoring the Late Virgil Abloh 2

John Salangsang/Shutterstock

Gone, but never forgotten. To commemorate the life of the late Virgil Abloh, Drake got a new tattoo immortalizing the famed fashion designer, who passed away at 41 after a battle with cancer.

The design is the work of Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga, who shared a photo of the 35-year-old musician’s ink to Instagram on Wednesday, December 22. The tattoo — which lives on Drake’s forearm — is a work of microrealism, which is one of the pro inker’s specialties.

The black and white tattoo is inspired by the famous moment when the artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear launched a kite down the fashion label’s runway during Paris Fashion Week in 2018.

“A remembrance of the great Virgil Abloh done on Drake,” the tattoo artist wrote in the accompanying caption of the post. Hundreds of people have responded with heart and fire

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