25 Bingeable TV Series Worthy Of Your Time In 2022

1.Wayne (2019)

Coolidge Ward Entertainment / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (10 Episodes)

Where: Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Premium

What: From the writers behind the Zombieland and Deadpool franchises, Wayne is a dark comedy series that follows a pair of volatile, star-crossed teenage lovers as they embark on a journey from Massachusetts to Florida to retrieve his late father’s stolen car. Canceled after one season as a YouTube Premium original series, the hard-hitting, heartfelt and hilarious series has found a new life and following after its 2020 re-debut on Amazon Prime Video.

2.Detroiters (2017-2018)

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How Long: 2 Seasons (20 Episodes)

Where: Paramount Plus

What: Before they shook the foundation of sketch comedy in I Think You Should Leave, Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson starred in the short-lived but absolutely hysterical Comedy Central series Detroiters. Skewering the world of local advertising, and inspired by many real-life regional commercials, Detroiters is the perfect blend of absurdist comedy and traditional sitcom humor that can make for a gut-busting binge experience.

3.Terriers (2010)

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How Long: 1 Season (13 Episodes)

Where: Hulu

What: Often lamented as one of the best “canceled-too-soon” series in recent memory, Terriers lived up to the hype by nailing the comedy-drama formula with the naturally charismatic duo of Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James playing an ex-cop and petty criminal, respectively, who team up as private investigators. Terriers still holds up over a decade later and continues to rack up legions of new fans via streaming platforms with each passing year.

4.Gravity Falls (2012-2016)

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How Long: 2 Seasons (40 Episodes)

Where: Hulu and Disney+

What: A beloved crossover series that appeals to both children and adults, Alex Hirsch struck gold with Gravity Falls, a story about a pair of siblings staying in their grand-uncle’s bizarre town which acts as a parody and love letter to genre fiction while working within its own universe as well. Though Hirsch ended the show on his own accord after two seasons, the funny, addictive show continues to live on through ancillary materials and a new, younger audience courtesy of its addition to Disney+.

5.50 States of Fright (2020)

Gunpowder & Sky / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (24 Episodes)

Where: The Roku Channel

What: Produced by horror icon Sam Raimi, 50 States of Fright was intended as Quibi’s first major venture into horror anthology filmmaking. Since the demise of the platform, it has since joined the roster of Roku Originals, and with entries from Raimi himself, The Mortuary Collection‘s Ryan Spindell, A Quiet Place scribes Scott Beck & Bryan Woods, and Evil Dead Rise‘s Lee Cronin, there’s something creepy for everyone in this bite-sized, star-studded program.

6.Andy Richter Controls the Universe (2002-2003)

Garfield Grove Productions / Via Gfycat

How Long: 2 Seasons (19 Episodes)

Where: DVD

What: Though the series is oddly unavailable on streaming platforms, Andy Richter Controls the Universe remains one of the funniest unsung comedy shows of its time. With Richter starring as an over-imaginative aspiring writer stuck in a dead-end corporate job, those who don’t mind bingeing a series in the old-fashioned way (via physical media) are bound to find a pleasant and irreverent surprise.

7.Heels (2021-Present)

O’Malley Ink / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (8 Episodes)

Where: Starz

What: Former Arrow star Stephen Amell is a well-documented professional wrestling fan, having performed in the ring at several major wrestling pay-per-views in recent years. Teaming with Loki head writer Michael Waldron and a fantastic cast that includes Alexander Ludwig and Mary McCormack, Heels is a genuinely compelling drama grounded in the world of independent wrestling that is likely to lock you in its grip and make you cheer for more.

8.Party Down (2009-2010)

Starz / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (20 Episodes)

Where: Starz

What: With a revival officially on the way, 2022 is the perfect time to catch up with Party Down, a cult comedy series about an L.A.-based catering service with a number of desperate, self-centered employees. Critically acclaimed yet met with low ratings in its initial debut, its exposure to audiences in the age of streaming has cemented the show’s legacy as a side-splitting modern masterpiece.

9.Carnivàle (2003-2005)

3 Arts Entertainment / Via Gfycat

How Long: 2 Seasons (24 Episodes)

Where: HBO Max

What: An ambitious and occasionally disturbing series about forces of good and evil colliding in a traveling Dust Bowl-era carnival, Carnivàle was lauded for its surreal storytelling, incredible performances, and immersive production design, but was not meant long for HBO’s programming. Nevertheless, the show’s praise has only grown in the many years since, and the series remains an engaging (and surprisingly quick) watch to this day.

10.Atlanta (2016-Present)

RBA / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (21 Episodes)

Where: Hulu

What: A groundbreaking comedy set in the dangerous and bizarre Atlanta rap scene from the mind of Donald Glover, Atlanta is often laugh-out-loud funny in its deadpan humor, thought-provoking in its messages, and subversive in its eccentricity. Also aiding to bolster the rising stars of cast members Zazie Beetz, Lakeith Stanfield, and Brian Tyree Henry, this winter seems to be the best time to revisit Atlanta with the third season on the horizon.

11.Outcast (2016-2017)

Skybound Entertainment / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (20 Episodes)

Where: Cinemax Go

What: An unfortunately underrated and underappreciated horror series from The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman, Outcast was the first major exorcism drama to hit a premium cable network, and greatly benefited from Cinemax’s relaxed standards on stark violence, adult language, and controversial subject matter. So if you’re a horror fan looking for your next fright fix this winter, Outcast is a quick, intense watch that will make sure your snow days come with sleepless nights.

12.Close Enough (2020-Present)

Cartoon Network Studios / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (16 Episodes)

Where: HBO Max

What: There’s no denying the talent of Regular Show‘s J.G. Quintel, who recently turned heads with his latest animated outing, Close Enough. Detailing the absurd and ridiculous misadventures of a growing family and their neighbors, Close Enough is a laugh-a-minute series that you can knock out over a long weekend (and subsequently count the days for the upcoming third season).

13.Gangs of London (2020-Present)

Sky Studios / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (10 Episodes)

Where: AMC+

What: A modern action series that delivers on every front, Gangs of London takes the break-neck set pieces of The Raid and the savage world-building of The Raid II to the cut-throat criminal underground of London. A Shakespearean drama featuring an exceptional cast of character-acting greats and some breath-taking shocks along the way, Gangs of London is bound to become one of the more buzzworthy binges as its audience continues to expand.

14.MacGruber (2021-Present)

Broadway Video / Via Peacock

How Long: 1 Season (8 Episodes)

Where: Peacock

What: Swinging for the fences just like its cinematic predecessor, MacGruber sees Will Forte return to the titular role with more time to be filthy, inappropriate, and hysterical as he faces another explosive conspiracy. With old faces like Ryan Phillippe and Kristen Wiig back for more alongside new cast members Laurence Fishburne, Billy Zane, and Sam Elliott, MacGruber is somehow an even more uproarious and outrageous experience in 2022.

15.Mindhunter (2017-2019)

Denver and Delilah Productions / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (19 Episodes)

Where: Netflix

What: Based on the book by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker, Mindhunter is one of Netflix’s very best as it showcases the birth of the FBI’s Serial Crime Unit as it examines some of the more disturbing crimes in American history. While a third season has been put on an indefinite hold, the first two captivating seasons of Mindhunter are still available to enjoy on Netflix.

16.The Goes Wrong Show (2019-Present)

Mischief Screen / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (12 Episodes)

Where: Tubi (Season 1); BroadwayHD (Seasons 1-2)

What: A brilliant display of old-school physical comedy, The Goes Wrong Show is exactly that, depicting a “play of the week” that invariably goes wrong in every way, shape, and fashion. Subtly intertwining each performer’s personality as well as their dynamics, The Goes Wrong Show will not disappoint in making you laugh until your ribs hurt.

17.Murder in Small Town X (2001)

"Murder in Small Town X"

How Long: 1 Season (8 Episodes)

Where: YouTube

What: A reality show that was way ahead of its time, Murder in Small Town X pits a group of amateur sleuths into a town full of roleplaying performers as they try to find a “serial killer”… or become the next victim. A bonkers and surprisingly fun competition series with drama and shocks beyond the prototypical ARG concept, the eight-episode series has been preserved for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

Hoosick Falls Productions / Via YouTube

18.Saturday Morning All-Star Hits (2021-Present)

"Saturday Morning All-Star Hits"

How Long: 1 Season (8 Episodes)

Where: Netflix

What: An affectionate spoof of ’80s-’90s children’s television, both animated and otherwise, this silly and demented addition to Netflix’s pantheon of adult animation is a labor of love for creators Kyle Mooney, Ben Jones, and Dave McCary. Not only is the series a very funny and quick watch for fans of Mooney’s off-beat comedy, but Saturday Morning All-Star Hits has a treasure trove of easter eggs for ’80s and ’90s kids that may have them going back for seconds.

Broadway Video / Via Netflix

19.Evil (2019-Present)

King Size Productions / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (26 Episodes)

Where: Paramount Plus

What: A more provocative and visceral supernatural procedural series, Evil goes to some truly nightmarish places as a priest, a forensic psychologist and a technical expert team to address supernatural happenings in New York City. Yet the character development and the unpredictable twists and turns of Evil are guaranteed to take new bingers on a rollercoaster ride.

20.The Night Of (2016)

BBC Worldwide Productions / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (8 Episodes)

Where: HBO Max

What: A harrowing and intense series that examines the flawed and cruel criminal justice system after a young Muslim man is wrongly accused of murder, The Night Of remains one of HBO’s crowning jewel mini-series in recent years. With head-turning performances across the board and some genuinely terrifying sequences to its credit, The Night Of will not be the most fun binge but it’s absolutely worth your precious time.

21.Utopia (UK) (2013-2014)

Kudos / Via Gfycat

How Long: 2 Seasons (12 Episodes)

Where: Amazon Prime

What: Exceeding the 2020 American remake in almost every fashion, Utopia has a seemingly endless surprise of shocks as we follow a group of comic book enthusiasts as they attempt to track down a rare comic manuscript that might predict the impending apocalypse. However, their search is complicated by assassins, anarchists, and government agents, all of whom bring out their own increasingly disturbing tactics to find the text at hand. It might not be for the weak at heart, but the original Utopia is an incredible experience that’ll surely send you down a rabbit hole or two.

22.Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (2004)

Channel 4 / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (6 Episodes)

Where: Peacock

What: Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace was simply too good for this world, as creators Richard Ayoade and Matthew Holness produced a biting comedy presented as a documentary about a failed horror television series produced in the 1980s. Ironically canceled after a short run in a late-night time slot, Darkplace found its worldwide audience and inspired myriad memes in the years that followed, especially with the series becoming more accessible on streaming services recently.

23.The Prisoner (1967-1968)

ITC Entertainment / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (17 Episodes)

Where: Tubi

What: One of the most influential science fiction programs to ever hit television screens, The Prisoner follows a retired secret agent who is kidnapped and sent to a bizarre and psychologically torturous community where escape seems futile and every resident appears to want some undefined information. Flamboyant, unsettling, and consistently intriguing, The Prisoner has stood the test of time and remains just as great today as it was in its heydey.

24.30 Coins (2020-Present)

Pokeepsie Films / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (8 Episodes)

Where: HBO Max

What: The latest innovative creation from filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia, 30 Coins follows a disgraced priest who is sent to a remote Spanish village where he begins to encounter dangerous demonic phenomena that presents itself as miracles. A unique, visually-stunning and often humorous show that can be binged in no time at all, 30 Coins has become a crossover hit for English-language audiences on HBO Max with a second season en route.

25.Clickbait (2021)

Adrian Grenier in "Clickbait"

How Long: 1 Season (8 Episodes)

Where: Netflix

What: A thrilling mystery that spins its web in the complicated world of social media, Clickbait is a whirlwind of a story that is difficult to predict and even harder to shake by its conclusion. While a follow-up is unlikely, given the contained nature of the series’ resolution, Clickbait is a damn fine example of a bingeable series done right, as it’s addictive, riveting, and guaranteed to inspire some conversations thereafter.

Matchbox Pictures / Via Netflix

Honorable Mentions

Though these series don’t quite qualify under the standards of this article, these series are quick and satisfying binges that might have fallen under your radar:

Salem (3 Seasons, 36 Episodes, Streaming on Hulu)

Man Seeking Woman (3 Seasons, 30 Episodes, Streaming on Hulu)

Hannibal (3 Seasons, 39 Episodes, Streaming on Hulu)

Review (3 Seasons, 22 Episodes, Streaming on Paramount Plus)

Black Sails (4 Seasons, 38 Episodes, Streaming on Starz)