Day: June 28, 2021

How Fashion Maven Shara McHayle Found Her Entrepreneurial Spirit

Growing up multiracial many years ago wasn’t viewed as a good or positive thing in some circles because a person had, in theory, two identities that defined them.

But one New York City woman refused to allow other people’s perceptions to stifle her growth or take away from who she is. Hoop88Dream‘s Shara McHayle has knocked down every obstacle she faced as a multiracial woman operating in a male-dominated industry. She launched Hoop88Dreams in 2019 after working some 10 years for brands such as Fendi, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste in a role where she helped develop their retail and wholesale businesses

And she did it at a time when people of color weren’t respected or their voices weren’t heard. However, McHayle managed to still thrive and become successful as an entrepreneur.

BLACK ENTERPRISE got the chance to speak to McHayle about how she broke into fashion, how

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