Month: June 2021

Welcome to the post-lockdown fashion boom

 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

By now, you will probably be familiar with the “pandemic revenge outfit”. Perhaps you’ve seen the hashtag trending on Twitter alongside a picture of a chainmail halterneck top. Or a leopard print co-ord. Or a sequin cocktail dress. Whatever the image, they will all send the same message: this is not just any outfit.

For the uninitiated, the pandemic revenge outfit is characterised by a unique set of sensibilities: melodrama, extravagance, and unadulterated excess. It’s the kind of outfit we haven’t had any place to wear for the last 18 months. One that, we hope, will make up for all of the time we’ve spent neglecting our wardrobes during lockdown, when dressing up meant donning a matching pyjama set. In short, it’s a sartorial f*** you to Covid.

The rise of the pandemic revenge outfit is supported by shopping data. According to global fashion search platform, Lyst, we’ve

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Sabrina Elba On Teaming Up With Louboutin & Fashion’s Ongoing Fight For Inclusivity

In “Power Players,” changemakers in the fashion industry tell Bustle how they’re pushing boundaries and moving the culture forward, whether they’re advocating for sustainability, bringing more inclusivity to the runway, or making strides in technology and innovation. Here, Sabrina Elba discusses the developments of inclusivity in the fashion industry, and how far we still have to go.

“What I love about this collection is that it keeps the conversation going,” says model and philanthropist Sabrina Elba. A year on from the death of George Floyd, which sparked a global conversation surrounding systemic racism, the fight is far from over. “As much as people were posting, rallying and supporting [a year ago], it needs to be ongoing,” she adds.

The collection of bags, shoes and accessories is a creative collaboration between Sabrina, her husband Idris, and “good friend” Christian Louboutin. Sparked from an Instagram Live that Sabrina and

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Ciara and Russell Wilson Hope Their Career Moves Teach Their Kids Valuable Life Lessons

Allen Berezovsky/WireImage Russell Wilson and Ciara

Ciara and Russell Wilson are making power couple moves.

The grammy-winning artist and the NFL quarterback have had extraordinary success in their respective careers, but have focused the past few years on combining what they love and sharing them together through a number of joint business ventures. Ciara, 35, and Wilson, 32, spoke with PEOPLE to discuss the next steps they’re taking in their careers and the true reason behind them.

As a couple, they’ve teamed up over the past year to create their one-of-a-kind fragrance, R&C The Fragrance Duo, an entertainment production company, Why Not You Productions, and fashion house, The House of LR&C. Ciara says that even prior to being in each other’s lives, she and her husband have always had the same interests, noting that “diving into” these joint projects is a good combination of work and play.

“It’s always

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Polimoda Highlights Link Between Fashion and Music With Latest Project

POLI-TALENTS: In a bid to shorten the gap between academic education and the labor market, Florentine fashion school Polimoda has debuted Talents x Talents, a program aimed at offering students a chance to work on real-life projects.

Developed by the school in collaboration with celebrity stylist Rebecca Baglini, the project’s first iteration highlights the connection between the fashion and music worlds as it entailed conceiving and developing a fashion shoot for up-and-coming Italian singers.

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In particular, the school’s students in fashion design, styling and art direction were tasked with creating imagery for two artists from the most recent edition of Italian TV’s talent search show “X Factor.”

“Fashion and music are human-centric realms that strongly look for the talent of an individual’s creative force. Thanks to this collaboration with Rebecca Baglini, we have united these two fields so that students could have the opportunity to work with

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