Day: January 9, 2022

25 Bingeable TV Series Worthy Of Your Time In 2022

1.Wayne (2019)

Coolidge Ward Entertainment / Via Giphy

How Long: 1 Season (10 Episodes)

Where: Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Premium

What: From the writers behind the Zombieland and Deadpool franchises, Wayne is a dark comedy series that follows a pair of volatile, star-crossed teenage lovers as they embark on a journey from Massachusetts to Florida to retrieve his late father’s stolen car. Canceled after one season as a YouTube Premium original series, the hard-hitting, heartfelt and hilarious series has found a new life and following after its 2020 re-debut on Amazon Prime Video.

2.Detroiters (2017-2018)

Broadway Video / Via Giphy

How Long: 2 Seasons (20 Episodes)

Where: Paramount Plus

What: Before they shook the foundation of sketch comedy in I Think You Should Leave, Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson starred in the short-lived but absolutely hysterical Comedy Central series Detroiters. Skewering the world of local

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